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Ambulatory BP Monitoring


An ABPM machine will record your blood pressure during rest and activities of daily living over the period of 24 hours. These results obtained from the test will assist our doctor to get clear pictures of how your blood pressure changes throughout the day.

Why it is required :

  • To find out if your blood pressure reading in the clinic are much higher than they are away from the clinic (called the “white coat hypertension” due to anxiety in clinic
  • To find out if your blood pressure reading in the clinic are much lower than they are away from the clinic( called the “masked hypertension”
  • To see how well your medicines are working, to make sure they are controlling your blood pressure throughout the day.
  • To see if your blood pressure stays high at night. If this is the case they may need to change or adjust your medicines (non-dippers).

Procedure :

It is a simple test and will not cause any pain. Just relax and follow the instructions of the staff. Our staffs will attach a BP cuff to your arm and connect it to the mobile sized wearable device. You need to carry this machine for next 24 hour. The machine then takes blood pressure readings at regular intervals throughout the day: usually, every 15-30 minutes during the day time and 30-60 minutes at night. You need to keep the monitor on throughout the night- you could put the machine under the pillow on the bed while you sleep. Do not remove machine or cuff.

After 24 hours of study machine will be removed by our staff. You will also be asked to keep a diary of what you were doing just before the reading was taken. What time you went bed and got up and when you took medications. Because the test is being carried out to find out what your normal daily blood pressure is, it is important to carry on with your normal routine and do all things you would normally do. The only things you should avoid doing for the day are swimming and having bath or shower. Report will be generated by the doctor as per available time. Please talk to our staff for any query.

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