ECG machine and will record the electrical potential of your heart at surface of the body.

It is a simple test and will take only fifteen minutes to complete. It will not cause any pain. Just relax and lie comfortably, take normal breathing while we will take your ECG.

It is better to remove metal things like watch, keys, mobile etc. and handover valuables to the relatives or keepit in the bag provided by our staff.We request to remove all of clothing from the waist up as test requires a bare chest to position the chest sensors.

- Please minimise movements during the test to get best of it. Our staff will apply gel followed by leads to the hands, legs and chest. Once done, you can clean your chest. ECG reporting will be done by our doctor as per his available time.


  • If you have ongoing CHEST PAIN please take emergency physician or cardiologist opinion on urgent basis.
  • Normal ECG does not rule out acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • It is a costly machine and care should be taken during my handling.
  • Please talk to our staff for any query

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