2-D Echo


State of the art, most advanced Echo machine (Philips Affinity G) will help you to understand the anatomy and physiology of your heart. With the help of echo one can understand the pumping function of the heart, blockages or leakages of the heart valves.

It is a simple test and will take only fifteen minutes to complete. It will not cause any pain; mild discomfort may be noticed especially in obese patients. Just relax and lie comfortablyin left lateral positionand keeping left hand folded under the head and right hand over the head. Take normal breathing while we will take your ECHO.

We request you to remove all clothing from the waist up as test requires a bare chest to position the chest probe and weargown or shirt. Kindly handover valuables to the relatives or keep it in the bag provided by our staff.

- To observe for any damage that the heart might have taken after a heart attack

Kindly note one female attendant will be there during Echo. One relative will be allowed to attend if you feel.

Our doctor will do reporting of your echo as per his available time.


  • In case of emergency ECHO or ongoing CHEST PAINone should take emergencyphysician or cardiologist opinion.
  • Normal ECHO does not always rule out acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).
  • This test does not tell about blockage in the heart. ( coronary angiography and TMT may)
  • As this is radiological test some defects may not be detectable especially in obese patients.
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