Holter: 24 hour ECG monitor


Holter will evaluate your ECG over the period of 24 hour. Many of ECG abnormalities of the heart cannot be detected on single ECG. Holter takes ECG continuously for 24 hour thus increases chances of detecting the arrhythmias.Many times Symptoms and ECG timing should be same to diagnose some medical conditions.

Preparation: Holter is suitable to diagnose the arrhythmia within 24 hours of study. But it may not detect all the arrhythmia specially those who are very infrequent.

It is a simple test and will not cause any pain. Just relax and follow the instructions of the staff. Our staffs will attach a leads to your bodyand connect it to the mobile sized wearable device. You need to carry this machine for next 24 hour. The machine then takes ECG continuouesly. You need to keep the monitor on throughout the night- you could put the machine under the pillow on the bed while you sleep. Do not remove machine or cuff.

After 24 hours of study machine will be removed by our staff. In case any sound comes from machine ask patient to press event mark. Give event record sheet to the patient and tell them to note down any event on paper with time and symptoms.

It is important to carry on with your normal routine and do all things you would normally do. The only things you should avoid doing for the day are swimming and having bath or shower. Report will be generated by the doctor as per available time. Please talk to our staff for any query.

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